Summary of the 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings


The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings (HET) took place from 2 to 27 July 2018 in Hiroshima, Japan.  A group of 12 motivated trainees were carefully chosen from two selection procedures: 1) primary screening in March 2018 and 2) Davao Selective Seminar in May, out of 131 and 33 applicants, respectively.

The trainees learned skills in public administration, leadership, and adaptability to deal with new environment for establishing autonomous Bangsamoro government in Mindanao, the Philippines.  The Training consisted of various learning experiences such as in-class and on-site lectures, group work, and field studies during the Training. Trainees are expected to apply the skills leaned during the HET in their community.  

The goal of the HET was to develop a proposal to the future autonomous government in Bagsamoro, Mindanao in the Philippines. Then, when the trainees are back in Mindanao, they are expected to brush up their proposals presented at the HET and submit the polished proposal to Bangsamoro Development Agency, our local project partner, in November 2018.

Please find the Brief Training Schedule of the 6th HET in the chart below. Detailed schedule in both English and Japanese is found here. Please note that the schedule this year was largely modified (seeing in red) from the original one due to the heavy rain disaster in Hiroshima early July. Please see our news article regarding the disaster here.

Training Schedule

Date Activities
July 1 Arrived in Hiroshima, Japan

July 2


July 26

July 27
July 28 Left Hiroshima