The 5th Hiroshima Essential Training finished (13)

On July 22 a fashion show called KUBA COLLECTION in Otake City.  Otake is a municipality that lies in the west end of Hiroshima Prefecture.

In January 2017, the 2nd Batch skill-up trainees visited there to study about vitalization of local community through the activities held at Kuba Community Center.

Skill-up trainees who visited there in January promised that they would bring the HET trainees in summer, when KUBA COLLECTION, one of the biggest events of the center, would be held, and would let them give a performance of some costumes of Mindanao.

Now the time has come !!

In KUBA COLLECTION, more than 200 local people (young and elderly, women and men) participated as models.  Among them, our trainees !  Here they go !

12 HET trainees, 2 skill-up trainees, 3 assistants (Filipino and Japanese) are all in costumes.