The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings (15-22)

Day 16: July 17, 2018
  1. Lecture: “Public Finance Theory for Development of Local Areas”
  2. Lecture: “Foreign Relations of Japan -2”

The first lecture,”Public Finance Theory for Development of Local Areas” was given by Professor Takahiro Tezuka, HU. A staff from JICA Chugoku Center, Mr. Yamamoto, joined this session to audit the lecture. Mr. Yamamoto is the primary contact between JICA and Hiroshima University regarding this JICA Partnership program.   

Prof. Tezuka first showed data of revenue and expenditure of local government. Then, he gave detailed explanation of local government’s tax system and how it was used for development of local areas. Based on the information given by the Professor, solutions for increasing financial resources were also discussed.

The second lecture was held as a second part of the lecture, “Foreign Relations of Japan” given by Professor Osamu Yoshida, HU, on July 12, 2018  (Please see the news series of this training  <11-22>) . The lecture at this time originally planned for the lecture “Agricultural Production Infrastructure Maintenance in Hiroshima” However, due to the heavy rain disaster caused various damages on agricultural products in Hiroshima Prefecture and thus the lecturer had to deal with these urgent matters.  We prayed for speedy recovery of these affected areas.

After Prof. Yoshida’s lecture, the regular review session was held between 16:15-17:45. This is first time for the second-half facilitators to run the session.