The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings (17-22)

Day 18: July 19, 2018
  1. Lecture: “Brand Promotion Policy of Hiroshima Prefecture”
  2. Lecture: “Human Resource Development in Local Government Units”

Today’s lecture was both contributed by Hiroshima prefectural Government (HPG).
In the morning, the lecture, “Brand Promotion Policy of Hiroshima Prefecture” was given by Ms. Kayo Shimomura, Hiroshima Brand Promotion Division, HPG. Her lecture consisted of two parts: 1) Hiroshima Brand and 2) TAU, Setouchi Hiroshima.

In the “Hiroshima Brand” part, Ms. Shimomura discussed reasons for promoting “Hiroshima Brand” and showed various visions on different perspectives about Hiroshima. The Prefecturtal government’s effort and goals through “Hiroshima Brand” were also discussed. In the second part, Ms. Shimomura introduced a Hiroshima brand shop building “TAU, Setouchi Hiroshima” located in Tokyo. The building has four floors including one underground floor.  She explained three purposes of the establishment of “ TAU” and showed various shops in the each floor. Statistical information of  “TAU‘s business/marketing was also discussed. 

The afternoon lecture,”Human Resource Development in Local Government Units”  was delivered by Mr. Naoki Fujiwara, Director, Hiroshima Prefectural Government Training Center. Ms. Chikako HIROSE, Deputy Director of the Center, also came to assist. The Training Center was established to provide trainings to prefectural and municipal personnel. Mr. Fujiwara discussed the Center’s human resource management strategies, goals, and various training models. He also showed the Center’s training structure of the year of 2018 and specific training for new employees.

Mr. Kawagoe, Hiroshima Prefectural Peace Promotion Project Team, HPG also participated in the lecture. He is the primary contact of HPG and jointly have made plans and helped organizing this Training. After the lecture, Mr. Kawagoe supported the review session as well.