The 6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings (4-22)

  1. Day 3: July 4, 2018
      1. Lecture: “Development through Education” 
      2. Review session by facilitators

The first lecture at Hiroshima University (HU) was given by Emeritus Professor Hideo Ikeda, Hiroshima University, titled “Development through Education.”   Prof. Ikeda discussed on how education have influenced for post-war development including national, local, and school policy, specifically focusing on the Philippines. We also learned effects of language choice when teaching.

Review sessions were held everyday to discuss lessons learned from lectures and activities.  We invited four alumni of HiPeC-BM Hiroshima essential trainings to manage these sessions. Facilitators were assigned for two weeks. They were very helpful and played important role in the training.

The first half facilitators are 1. Abdul Nasif Mama Mohammad (Nash) and 2. Anisah Pasandalan Hadji Ali (Anisah), and the second half facilitators were 1. Ronnie Landicho Arap, Jr. (RR) and 2. Rukayya Abdurahma Darul (Kai) .  Using their experiences, they all worked hard to support trainees and the training! In addition, we had a wonderful staff from Cotabato, Esrahida Balimbinga Acas, to support overall training!